‘Belsat’ story wins first prize at Fact Art festival

The “Brushes instead of Guns” story by Antos Tsyalezhnikau won at the festival in the Polish city of Torun and got the first prize in the “documentary” category.

The story is about a plein-air that Belarusian artists held in Pisky near Donetsk.

During the filming in Pisky, Andrus Takindang, who went to the plein-air event together with the artists, wrote the song “Shots Fired”. It became the soundtrack for the story.

“Taras Nosar is a native of Donetsk, he was teaching at art schools in Ukrainian. When the war came, he was forced to leave and find refuge in Lviv. He left behind in Donetsk a workshop and most of his works. The room now hosts Novorossiya Assistance Fund. For Taras it was a very personal plein-air, with a particular sadness he painted landscapes with ruined houses in his native land, and on the horizon he drew Donetsk, which is so close and so far beyond the front line,” says Antos Tsyalezhnikau about the people on the screen.

“Going to the plein-air was, of course, a brave move. We understood the threat to life, and the fact that so many Belarusian artists did it means a lot. The main goal was to honor the dead guys from the “Belarus” tactical group — Alyaksandr Charkashyn and Vital Tsyalyazhanka — and other defenders of Ukraine’s sovereignty…The works were later presented at the Ukrainian Embassy in Minsk”.

The second prize in the same category was awarded to documentary “The Baltic Poker. Game Putin is playing”, which was made in cooperation with our TV channel.



Grand Prix in the “reportage” category was awarded to the work “Fascists in Trenches” by the journalists of Polish Television TVP Rafał Stanczyk and Jaroslav Giermaziaka.

Congratulations to the winners!

The Fact Art festival was first held in 2013. Its jury selects the best TV stories and documentaries made for Polish television. In 2016 the contest received more than 120 works.


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