Russian citizen sentenced to Belarus prison for gun smuggling

Yelsk District Court has ruled on the case of Russian citizen attempting to cross the state border with a firearm.

A resident of the Kaluga Region intended to get to Ukraine with a gun in his pocket, reports. The incident occurred at the Belarusian-Ukrainian section of the border, at a checkpoint “Novaya Rudnya” in August.

Border guards stopped a ‘Mitsubishi’ for inspection. The clothes of the driver were checked with a metal detector. In the pocket of his vest, Belarusian officers found an IZH 79-9T — non-lethal traumatic weapon. They also found four cartridges with rubber bullets on the driver.

The District Court found the man guilty of illegal transborder transfer of firearms, its storage and transportation. According to the press-secretary of the Homiel Regional Court Volha Barsukova, the Russian man was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in a penal colony with a reinforced regime. The sentence of the district court has not yet entered into force.

According to Ukrainian border guards, over the 9 months, customs officers seized 49 weapons on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border: 28 units were found at the entrance to Ukraine, and 21 — on the exit from Ukraine to Belarus.,

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