Russian antiimport crusader burns own BMW


Stas Baretsky, a Russian performer of songs of the criminal world, is notorious for his compulsive fighting against import and compsumtion of foreign goods.

In August, the former musician of musical band ‘Leningrad’ destroyed a Samsung tablet and an iPhone.

A video that shows Baretsky burning his BMW ‘to support domestic producers has been recently uploaded to the singer’s oficial Youtube channel.

First Baretsky poured some liquid over the car and said: “I am against everything of the Western origin! For the Russian car market!” Then he set fire to a euro note and threw it at the car, reports.

“I have got rid of a Western car. I am in favor of Russian goods, I have done it as I cling to my convictions, which I do not regret about,” the Russian singer said.

At the end of the video, he tore a can of beer with his teeth, then got into a Russian-made Lada 1600 and drove away. Interestingly, this model was taken out of production in 2005.

A lot of ‘volunteers’ have become active after president Vladimir Putin signed a decree that enacted destruction of agricultural products that are prohibited from being imported into Russia. They report cases of selling imported food and even … search shops.

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