Rammstein’s new album to be recorded in Minsk?

Rammstein and Academic Choir

The Belarusian State TV and Radio Company (Belteleradiocompany) has announced the start of their joint project with iconic Rammstein. The musicians visited Minsk on September 14-15.

The band signed a cooperation agreement with Belteleradiocompany’s Symphony Orchestra and Academic Choir, the official statement reads.

The German celebrities keep the lid on any further information; the Belarusian side has no right to give more details as well.

Rammstein and Symphony Orchestra

It is the German impresario and ban Wilhelm Keitel who brought Rammstein into contact with the Belarusian state-run TV company. Earlier, he invited the media holding orchestra to take part in Disney In Concert and Zimmer Tour events in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


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