Rally ‘To Berlin’. Poland to ban Putin’s motorheads from passing through country again

Alexander Zaldostanov in Belarus in April 2015, phot. belsat.eu

Poland will not let members the Russian motorcycle club “The Night Wolves’ into the country, eadio Poland reports with reference to Bartosz Cichocki, the press officer of the Polish Embassy in Moscow.

On Friday, The Wolves, vocal supporters of the country’s intervention in Ukraine and co-organisers of Antimaidan in Russia, have left Moscow; they are heading for Berlin hoping to get there on May 9, Russia’s Victory Day. To reach the destination, the group is to drive through Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria.

According to the club’s leader Alexander Zaldostanov aka Khirurg (Surgeon), in this way they pay tribute to the soldiers who won a victory over Nazi Germany.

“We want this motor race in honor of the victory to become a tradition,” Zaldostanov, Vladimir Putin’s close friend, said.

As was the case in 2015, the decision of the Polish authorities to deny them entry to the country set the leader of “The Night Wolves” back on his heels. According to him, if Poland does turn them down, they will choose another route. Watch the video of The Wolves in Belarus (ENG subs):


As reported earlier, ‘The Night Wolves’ were not allowed to pass through Poland in April, 2015. According to the Polish side, the participants threaten the security of the European Union.

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Belsat.eu, following radiopolsha.pl

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