Radziwill ‘Rybonka’ was richest man in Commonwealth and ladies’ man


The statesman of the GDL Michal Kazimierz Radziwill “Rybonka” was born on June 13, 1702. His father was the Grand Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Karol Stanislaw Radziwill.

Michal Kazimir Radziwill “Rybonka” had several posts: Lithuanian marshal, Lithuanian hetman, Great Lithuanian hetman, commandant and voivode Trotsky, kashtelian and voivode of Vilna, marshal of the Supreme Tribunal.

In 1726 he began to rebuild the palace in Nesvizh, which in 1706 was destroyed by the Swedes. In the same place he founded a printing house, a cadet corps, a theater, a ballet school. In addition, he was the founder of the first manufactories in the GDL, including silk belts in Slutsk.

Michal Kazimir Radziwill “Rybonka” was one of the most influential and richest people of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He received a place from the German emperor in the imperial Reichstag. He was present at the coronation of Louis XV and hunted with him on many occasions.

He received the nickname “Rybonka” (little fish), because that was how he addressed women.

He died in Nesvizh on May 15 in 1762.

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