Putin: Russian military operation in Syria coming to end. Again

Russian soldiers patrolling streets in Aleppo. 15 March 2017. Phot. Omar Sanadiki/REUTERS

Photo by REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki

Vladimir Putin had a meeting with his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad in Sochi on Monday.

It is time to launch ‘political processes’ Syria, Putin stressed.

“As far as our cooperation in the fight against terrorists in Syria goes, the military operation is really coming to an end,” state-run news agency TASS quotes him as saying.

On November 22, the presidents of Turkey, Iran and Russia will be in Sochi to hold additional consultations on the Syrian conflict with Bashar al-Assad. The political process should be sponsored by the United Nations, Putin added.

“I hope we mark a decisive end to fighting against terrorism in Syria in the near future, although it is clear that some spots will emerge again. The issue of terrorism is crucial in the whole world, as well as in the Middle East and Syria. But the main task is on the eve of completion, soon we will be able to say that we have completed it,” he stressed.

In turn, Bashar al-Assad thanked the Russian side for their military involvement.

It is not the first time that Putin has announced an end of the military operation in Syria. In March 2016, the Russian president President of the Russian Federation said that the tasks set to the Defense Ministry had been done, and and ordered the withdrawal of the Russian military group.


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