Putin calls patriotism national idea

Russia's President Vladimir Putin addresses a joint session of Russian parliament on Crimea in the Kremlin in Moscow on March 18, 2014. AFP PHOTO/ RIA-NOVOSTI/ POOL/ ALEXEI NIKOLSKY

Patriotism is the only national idea in Russia, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We do not and cannot have any other unifying idea except patriotism … It is the national idea,” said the head of Russia at a meeting with activists of the “Club of leaders for promotion of business initiatives.”
At the beginning of January, it became known that over the next five years, the Russian authorities are going to spend more than Ru 1,6 billion on the patriotic education of the population.

According to the adopted government program, officials hope to instill in the public a sense of loyalty to the fatherland and readiness to defend the country’s interests.

In 2016, the program will be given Ru 290 million from the budget and another Ru 15.5 mln out of extra-budgetary funds.

During Vladimir Putin’s 2004 election campaign, he said that Russia’s national idea should be the competitiveness of the country and its inhabitants. “Different countries, regions of the world are actively developing. If we understand our 1,000-year history, think about the natural resources and rest on our laurels, we will wither away completely,” said Putin.


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