Publication date of Nemtsov report on Ukraine moved

Report of the murdered Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov on the participation of Russian troops in the Ukraine conflict, on which he was working before his death, will be published before the end of April.

This was announced by the colleague of Nemtsov from the Solidarnost movement Ilya Yashin, reports.

“By the end of April, I hope, we will be able to publish the report and start spreading it among the citizens of Russia. We’re not going to convince of the presence of Russian troops (in Ukraine – ed.) the Western audience and Ukrainians – for them there are no secrets. But for Russian citizens the information contained in the report in many respects will be a revelation,” said Yashin.
The Kremlin has denied the participation of Russian troops in the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine.

According to Yashin, in the near future, the team that is working on finishing the report entitled ‘Putin.War’ will visit Kiev, where additional materials will be collected. Most of the materials collected by Nemtsov have been already processed.

Earlier, Yashyn said that the Nemtsov’s report about Russia’s role in the events will be announced in Donbas in mid-April.,

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