Provocation? Minsk police detain European Belarus activist over alleged theft

Yauhen Afnahel

Yauhen Afnahel, a coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign, and his wife has been detained by the traffic police in Kalodzishchy near Minsk.

Yauhen Afnagel (R) at May Day protest rally

On Wednesday, Afnahel and his wife Katsyaryna Ludvih purchased metal plate products for the gate to the house that they are having built, reports.

“My husband and I came to the warehouse and bought metal sheets. I was at the wheel, and Yauhen was paying for the purchase, so I do not know exactly how much it cost. He might not have had a sales check or other document but we did pay cash. When we were driving away, suddenly officers holding video cameras appeared, introduced themselves criminal investigators, and said that they are detaining us for allegedly stealing the sheets,” the wife said.

Now Afnahel is in Baraulyany police department. He is suspected of stealing goods from the construction market in Kalodzishchy. The vendor who sold them the products has also been taken to the police station, Katsyaryna Ludvih said. He is expected to give evidence against Afnahel, she stressed.

The activist considers the detention a staged provocation aimed at fabricating a criminal case.

Yauhen Afnahel, a coordinator of European Belarus and one of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, has been repeatedly detained by the Belarusian police.

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