Provocation and eating babies: Putin comments on Kerch crisis

The recent incident in the Kerch Strait is nothing but a provocation staged by Petro Poroshenko ahead of the presidential election in Ukraine, Russian president Vladimir Putin told VTB Capital’s Russia Calling Investment Forum on Wednesday.

“As for the Black Sea incident, certainly, this is a provocation. The provocation carried out by the current authorities, and I think by the incumbent president ahead of the presidential election in Ukraine in March next year. The incumbent president’s rating is somewhere at the fifth place, and he is running the risk of not making in into the second round, that’s why something needs to be done to exacerbate this situation and create invincible obstacles for his rivals, namely from the opposition,” news agency TASS quotes Putin.

According to the Russian leader, Kyiv is ‘successfully selling anti-Russian sentiment’, because they have ‘nothing else to sell’.

“And they get away with everything they do! If they ask newborns for breakfast, it seems they [babies] will be served up,” Putin said.

On November 25, three Ukrainian ships were captured by the Russian special forces in the Kerch Strait. According to Ukrainian media, Russia took prisoner 24 people, 6 sailors were injured. In response, 30-day martial law has been introduced in 10 regions of Ukraine — those bordering Russia, Transnistria and the Black Sea coast, as well as in Chernihiv region bordering Belarus.

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