Protests in Belarus may create problems for Gazprom

A report prepared in the run-up to another issue of Gazprom’s eurobonds has appeared in Russian media outlets.

According to it, the unstable situation in Belarus might pose a threat to gas transit through Belarus via the Yamal Europa pipeline that is operated by Gazprom’s daughter company Gazprom Transgaz Belarus. Protests and strikes impede business operations; they may result in production interruptions, supply chains obstacles, increased volatility in financial markets, the authors believe. Potential cooling in Minsk-Moscow relations is also listed as a risk factor.

“The current political crisis in Belarus and the uncertainty about the further development of the situation also increase the risk of political instability and difficulties in relations between Russia and Belarus,” the report reads.

Belarus owes Gazprom $328 million, Russian information agency RBC stressed. The issue is to be settled in the near future.

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