Protests in Belarus continue. More journalists sentenced sums up the 26th day of protests in the country.

Personnel changes

Former KGB Chairman Valery Vakulchyk and Director of the National Security Service of Armenia Georgy Kutoyan. December 19, 2017, Moscow. Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev / TASS / Forum

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has announced personnel changes in Belarus. First of all, they concerned the power bloc. Vyachaslau Rasalai became deputy chairman of the military-industrial committee, former KGB chief Valery Vakulchyk became chairman of the Security Council of Belarus, and former KGB chairman Ivan Tsertsel took over as KGB chairman. Vasily Herasimau, the first deputy chairman of the SCC, will become the chairman of this department, Anatol Sivak, the former chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee, will become the deputy prime minister, and Uladzimir Kukharau will head the Minsk City Executive Committee.

Heads of some regions of Belarus were also replaced.

Journalistic protest journalists Nadzeya Kalinina and Alyaksei Sudnikau, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus journalists Maryia Elyashevich, Svyataslau Zorky and Mikita Nedaverkau, and BelaPAN journalist Andrei Shchaulyuha have been behind bars for four days now.

They are being accused of participating in an unauthorized mass event under Art. 23.34, although all of them were not participants in the protests, but only worked there. The journalists wore “press” vests and had a journalist’s IDs with them. But the security forces believe that they actively participated and even coordinated the protest.

Rally of journalists in solidarity with detained colleagues. Photo:

As a sign of solidarity with their colleagues, the journalists gathered near the Ministry of Internal Affairs and demanded the release of the illegally detained colleagues. Minister Karayeu did not attend the meeting. People in civilian clothes detained photographer Dzmitry Brushko. He was released 2 hours later and charged under Art. 17.1 (hooliganism). He allegedly pushed the policeman.

Photographer Dzmitry Brushko was released, but a report was drawn up under Art. 17.1 COAP RB. Minsk, Belarus. September 3, 2020 Photo: Iryna Arakhouskaya /

Protests and trials

The people detained during the September 2 protests were also tried. Among them there are also well-known names: former hosts of state TV channels Dzmitry Kakhno and Dzyanis Dudzinsky were jailed for 10 days each. In protest against the arrest of Dzyanis Dudzinsky, the modern art theater announced a strike.

Dzyanis Dudzinski is in line at the store. Photo:

Members of the Coordination Council Volha Kavalkova and Syarhei Dyleusky were again sentenced to 15 days.

A total of 24 people were convicted across Belarus on September 2 for participating in peaceful protests.

Protests and confrontations continue across the country. Students staged “Clean Thursday” and are leaving the BRYU en masse. In some schools, there have even been queues of people wishing to leave the organization. And the workers of the Hrodna factory “Accent” left the state trade union en masse.

Protests in Minsk on September 3. Photo: Telegram channel “Mustache of Lukashenka”

Protests returned to the suburbs of Minsk!

People came with Nina Bahinskaya to the Independence Square. Photo:

Medical studentsagain formed to the living chain near BSMU.

The women gathered for a rally of solidarity near the National Art Museum.

There were some arrests. The Human Rights Center “Vyasna” reports 11 detainees throughout Belarus.