Protesters sentenced for road blocking in Minsk

Sentences were passed in the case of road blocking in Minsk. Volha Klaskouskaya has beens sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment in a general regime colony, Artur Bulauski was sentenced to 2.6 years of restriction of freedom at home. Minor Maksim Babich was also sentenced to 3 years of restriction of freedom at home, the correspondent of Belsat reports.

The young people were released from custody in the courtroom. Volha Klaskouskaya was punished with a real term, since she has a criminal record that has not expired.

Sentences were passed for road blocking in Serabranka. Photo: Belsat

All three of them were charged under Articles 342 (group actions violating public order) and 369 (public insult to a government official) of the Criminal Code.

The case was heard by judge Maryna Zapasnik.

Volha Klaskouskaya was recognized as a political prisoner, she pleaded not guilty. In the courtroom, Klaskouskaya said:

“When they detained me, they beat me very badly. I felt very bad in the police, they called for medical help. I was taken to Hospital 5, where I was diagnosed with head injury and concussion. All this is in the criminal case, but for some reason nobody is interested in such trifles. After I was prescribed treatment, I was stolen by unknown persons in balaclavas literally from under an IV, with a catheter.

When I got to Akrestsin Street, and then to Zhodzina, I was denied medical assistance, despite the medical prescription. At the station I refused to testify, I was threatened with execution several times if I did not begin to testify against myself or other people. I refused. They have not broken me and will not break me. If I am convicted under this article, it will be a great honor for me. This means that my life was not lived in vain, I am with my people. Long live Belarus!”

On the evening of October 13, a group of people blocked traffic at the intersection of Rakasouski Avenue and Plyekhanau Street in Minsk. The action was carried out by about a dozen people, during the road blocking they had a conflict with one of the drivers.