Program of the March 25 BPR festival in Minsk

Organizers have published a program for the “Independence Day” festival.

The festival will open at 1pm on March 25. The main stage of the Festival will host a musical program with performances by the bands “Mutnayevoka” and “Amaroka”.

There will be various themed sites open on the territory of the festival along with the stage performance:

The “BPR Street” site with presentation stands and activity areas from the country’s creative, cultural, public and political organizations;

The “BPR Food” site with food points, tasting stands, food courts and Belarusian dishes;

“BPR Fair” site with souvenirs and gifts in national style, Belarusian literature and table games, presentation of various products dedicated to the BPR’s 100th anniversary;

The “BPR Children” site with educational and entertaining classes for children, games and aquagrim in the national style.

At 14 o’clock the solemn opening of the Independence Holiday will begin, which will be hosted by the legendary Belarusian television announcer Zinaida Bandarenka and the host of the Belsat TV channel Usevalad Stseburaka.

In the framework of the opening, guests of the performance will read the 3rd Statutory Charter, there will be a theatrical and musical program with the participation of the the “Free Theater” actors and musicians. The singer Tatsyana Hrynevich and the male choir “Headspring” will perform the national anthems of the Belarusians “We will come in dense rows”, “Mighty God” and “Pursuit”.

From 15:00 to 19:00, the main stage of the Festival will host performances by Ihar Varashkevich and the band “Krama”, Kasya Kamotskaya with the songs of the “New Sky” group, Pyotr Klyueu with the Belarusian-language hits of the 21st century, the leader of the “Dai Darohu!” band of Yury Stylsky, popular groups “Akute”, “RSP”, “Dzieciuki”. Speeches of several other famous groups will be announced a few days before March 25.

Alyaksei Saprykin and Yulia Shauchuk, actors of the “Free Theater”, will conduct the music and entertainment part of the holiday.

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