Professor Lepin: NPP is always dangerous

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has met with scientists and said that a number of teachers are not modern enough. He said that, despite all the protests, the NPP in Astravets will be built using the cutting-edge technology.

According to Georgy Lepin, Professor and Doctor of Technical Sciences, any development of science and technology is out of the equation wiht the current authorities.

“The facility they are building here, malfunctioned in Russia a year ago. Why do we hope that it will work better here?”

The professor says that he had turned to Lithuanians several times, then they began to put pressure on “ours”.

“Lithuania is beginning to act on my tip. And when they demanded an explanation of how reliable these reactors are, our side gave a very interesting answer. To the question if it was dangerous to have such stations, they said that this reactor will be closed by two caps. Moreover, they will protect it even if an aircraft weighing up to 9 tones with a speed of up to 300 km/h crashes into it. I have not come across such cases”.

The nuclear power plant is always dangerous, the program guest said.

“They emit radioactive gases and change the atmosphere so much that it becomes electrically conductive. In this case, the storms will become dry”.

You can see the full conversation with Professor Lepin in the “Hot Commentary” program.

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