Pro-legalization rally ends with fines for activists

2 красавіка 2018 года. Акцыя за дэкрыміналізацыю лёгкіх наркотыкаў у Менску. Фота – Ірына Арахоўская / Белсат

Authorities take revenge on participants of pro-legalize rally.

Judge Viktar Kazak of Minsk sentenced activist Pyotr Markelau to a fine of 25 basic units.

After the verdict, Pyoter Markelau told Belsat that he was pleased that he had received a fine, not a prison sentence.

The activist, however, is going to appeal the verdict.

On Monday, 14 people came to the Lenin Square in Minsk with a demand to amend article 328 – the abolition of punishment for the use of soft drugs. They held in big letters that formed the word “decriminalization”. The action lasted one minute: when policemen appeared on the square, the participants of the action went into the underground passage.

According to the Belarusian legislation, the use of soft drugs may be punished by 8 years in prison.

The next day the police started detaining some of the protesters.

On the evening of Tuesday, Ales Talstyka received a fine of 367.5 BYN (15 basic units).

Kasinerau and Markelau spent the night in the detention center on Akrestsina Street.

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