Prices and retirement age in Belarus increase in 2021

The first day of the New Year has seen a number of innovations in Belarus, and prices for some goods have also increased. The base amount has increased by two rubles. Respectively, fines and fees have also increased.

The base amount, which was previously 27 rubles, increased to 29 rubles on January 1. Accordingly, the tariffs nad fines tied to it have grown either.

Traditionally, prices for utilities and electricity have been increasing on January 1. Usually, the increase in payment for housing and communal services does not exceed $ 5. But electricity has become more expensive by 10%.

With the rise in prices, state employees can count on an increase in wages. Since January 1, the base amount has increased by 10 rubles to 195 rubles. And the minimum wage in the country has increased to 400 rubles. But this amount is less than in neighboring countries. In Ukraine, for example, the minimum wage has increased to 6,000 hryvnia, which is 545 rubles.

Another innovation that will affect Belarusians is an increase in the retirement age. In 2021, men will be able to retire at 62 and women at 57 and 6 months. Next year, men will retire at 63, and women at 58.

Starting from New Year’s Day, travel abroad by private car will be paid. Local authorities can impose a fee of up to three basic units (87 rubles).

The rates of excise taxes have increased, respectively, the prices for alcoholic beverages and tobacco products will increase.

Starting from January 1, tax rates will change and a number of tax benefits will be canceled. As a result, individuals and legal entities will pay more to the country’s budget.

The new road tax will now be paid by all car owners, regardless of whether they use the car or not.