Presidential wannabe Lukashenka not to deliver election address on TV

Lukashenka’s TV address was scheduled for 16 and 23 September. But it is unlikely to be televised, European Radio for Belarus reports.

Lukashenka was expected to deliver a live address to voters on TV channel ‘Belarus 1’ at 19:30 today and in a week, on September, 23. But instead of his speech, there is another programme in TV listings.

In accordance with the electoral law and the decision of the Central Election Commission, the National Broadcasting Company provides all registered presidential candidate with the opportunity to address voters on the Radion and TV.

“It is the presidential candidates who take a decision to use or not use the airtime to address the voters,”-the press service of the Belarusian Television and Radio Company told Euroradio.

On Tuesday presidential candidate Syarhei Haydukevich seized the opportunity and made a 30-minute speech on TV. As for Lukashenka, in 2010 he failed to appear as a candidate on television.

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