Premiership, revolution, ties to Russia: Armenian protest leader’s press conference

On April 24, Nicol Pashinyan, the leader of protests in Armenia, held a press conference. Belsat TV journalist Arkadz Nestsyarenka reports from Yerevan.

“According to him, it is too early to put an end to the revolution; only its first stage has ended. The second phase is about to start.

The first demand put forward by protesters, i.e the resignation of Serzh Sargsyan, has been completely satisfied, Pashinyan said. However, they also insist on the next prime minister candidate’s being fully supported by people. When asked to go into detail, Pashinyan answered that they did not want Acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan to stay in the PM seat. He stressed that he would hold the scheduled negotiations not only with Karapetyan, but with the entire Republican Party. At the moment, the protesters are demanding the Republican Party secure power transfer to the opposition.

Answering the question about the future relations with the Kremlin and his feasible premiership, Nicol Pashinyan reiterated that ties to Russia were of importance to Armenia. Thus, one should count on some signifificant geopolitical turn.”

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