Power of passport: Where can you go without visa?

The global rating of passports for 2018 has been published by Henley & Partners. It is based on the number of countries where passport holders can come without a visa. Belarus is on the 65th place.

Germany has always been the leader of the passport rating. Owners of this passport can visit 177 countries without the need to receive a visa. On the second place of the 2018 rating is Singapore with 176 countries. The third place was shared by 8 countries, among them Norway, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Japan, Finland, Italy and Denmark — 175 borders for them are open.

In comparison with 2017, Belarus has gone up by five positions — from 70th place to the 65th. Four countries for us were added this year with the total number being 71. Now we are on the same position as Kazakhstan and Oman.

Our neighbors, Ukraine and Russia, occupy the 44th and 48th place respectively. For Ukrainians, 114 countries are open, for Russians — 110. Lithuania and Latvia share the 12th place of the rating, Poland is located on the 14th.

Screenshot of the Henley & Partners report at henleyglobal.com

In the 104th place of the passport rating, below all, is Afghanistan — without a visa you can travel to only 24 countries.

A list of countries where Belarusians can go without a visa can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.


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