Poverty Belarusians style means bouquets of sausage and linen

The crisis dictates trends in the market of gifts. More and more people are ordering ‘bouquets’ of meat and sweets, as well as gift baskets with delicacies or even ordinary products.

The “Orange Cat” company representatives who make and deliver gift sets claim that a beautiful set can be made from anything. “We made sets of meat, bouquets of teddy bears, panties and stockings, and once even a” cake “of towels,” says co-owner Zmitser Shubinok.

But traditional bouquets of flowers are also a lucrative business, even today, in a situation of declining purchasing power. The delivery service is popular. Tatsiana, the director of the company Gvozdika.by, says that some girls even take offense at their men, when they bring flowers personally, without using the services of professional couriers.

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