Pornhub skirting ban imposed by Russian censors

On 14 September 2016, Roskomnadzor, Russia’s Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications, abode by the court’s decision and put Pornhub on the country’s list of forbidden webpages.

In response, the company created a mirror site in ‘.ru’ zone for its ‘Russian friends’. Earlier, when one clicked, the Russian-language version of opened.

Interestingly, several Russian-language companies expressed solidarity with Pornhub, filling out their pages and logos in the style of the porn website. Yesterday, Pornhub reached out to Roskomnadzor with an offer: un-ban the website and the government agency can have a free ‘Premium Account’, with full access to Pornhub’s adult content.

The Russian agency rejected the proposal saying that ‘demography is not a commodity’., following

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