Sad birthday: Monument to Belarus volunteer fighter for Ukraine opened in Brest

A monument on the grave of Ales ‘Taras’ Charkashyn, a Belarusian volunteer who fought for Ukraine in Donbas, has been opened today, on his 34th birthday.

The ceremony in memory of the Belarusian who died last in Ukraine’s ATO zone last year started at 14:00 at the cemetery of the village of Kamenitsa Zhyravetskaya.

The parents of Mikhail Zhyzneuski, who was killed during the protests in Kyiv in January 2014, politician Pavel Sevyarynets, activists Volha Nikalaichyk and Uladzimir Basalyha are present at the opening of the monument. About 40 people are attending the ceremony.


Mikhail Zhyzneuski’s father urged Belarusians to wake up from Russia’s propaganda influence.

The monument was reared in spite of the lack of money for it. Therefore, a fundraising is still in progress.


In August 2015, Ales Charkashyn, a citizen of Belarus, was seriously injured during a tank attack launched by pro-Russian militants near Belokamenka. The Brest-born fighter was wounded by 82-mm BM-37. He lost his arm; fragments of mines in his breast, kidney and head triggered blood-poisoning. He died after being in a coma for two weeks and was buried in Brest.

Ales Charkashyn was a former deputy chairman of the Brest-based  Belarusian Christian Democracy party. He was a medical worker and went to the ATO zone to help the wounded. In addition, the man actually became a chaplain of the tactical group ‘Belarus’: Ales told the soldiers about God and answered their questions on spiritual matters.

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