Polling station in Minsk rehearses vote counting with known figures

The telegram channel NEXTA Live has published a guide on the falsification of presidential elections in Belarus. The recording was also published by the association of independent observers “Honest People”.

It is reported that training on vote counting could have been held in Minsk gymnasium # 39. The commission was probably instructed by the principal of the educational institution, Iryna Misyavets.

The falsification procedure is as follows: members of the election commission need to stack the ballots “according to the figures you have”. After that they need to announce the necessary numbers for the record, which “they need to know by heart” or look in the “cheat sheet”.

Today, on August 8th, the CEC of Belarus has reported that 32.24% of the voters had already participated in the presidential election. Early voting has been held since August 4th. According to the official data, the most active participants live in the Homiel region — 42.72% of the voters cast their vote there. The smallest number of people came to the polling stations in Minsk — 26.45%.

Photo: Tanya Kapitonava, Belsat

It was updated at 11:30 in Moscow and Minsk. The telegram channel “Elections. Belarus” publishes a photo of the announcement, in which “independent observer” says that at 16 polling stations in Zavodski district of Minsk the commission stated in the report that on August 7th 292 people voted early. In fact, according to the information of the compiler, it was done by 81 voters.

Human rights activists and independent observers have repeatedly stated that early voting gives room for falsifications. The campaigns “Right to Choice”, “Human Rights Defenders for Fair Elections” and the initiative “Honest People” have recorded a mass non-admission of independent observers, interference with the work of the media, turnout rigging, carousels.

Photo: Tanya Kapitonava, Belsat

Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the main rival of the current president Alyaksandr Lukashenka, has urged voters not to participate in early voting, but to come to the polling stations only on the main day, August 9.