Political activists beaten by Hrodna police


On the Day of the October Revolution, activists Mikhail Salyanik and Alyaksandr Laurentsyeu came to the center of Hrodna with a poster that said “Down with autocracy.” They chose it because it was one of the main slogans in 1917.

Activists planned to go to the Lenin Square to the protesters, but the police were waiting for them near the house, hrodna.life reports. Law enforcement officers were waiting for them until the end of the event.

After the event, Salyanik and Laurentsyeu came to Lenin Square with their poster and walked through the center.

On the Savetskaya street they were detained by the police. Despite the fact that there were two men, the police officers stated that they were participating in an unauthorized rally. They were forcibly taken to the Lenin district police department.

According to Syarhei Verameyenka on Facebook, now Alyaksandr Laurentsyeu is in a temporary detention center, and Mikhail Salyanik is in a hospital.


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