Polish politician promotes Bialystok as new gateway to EU for Belarusians

Port lotniczy w Wilnie. Źródło:

According to Jacek Żalek, a politician from Bialystok, Belarusians could fly from the local airport to the EU countries.

Żalek recently addressed the issue of establishing a regional airport twice.

On Monday, he said that if he wins the election of the Mayor of Bialystok, the city will spend at least a quarter of the necessary amount on the airport.

He also told reporters that the airport in Bialystok could boost interest among tourists from Belarus.

“Bialystok can be a gate, a window into the world for neighbors who live on our eastern border. For them, we have a window to the West, and for the EU — a window to the east,” Żalek said.

The politician noted that Bialystok is visited every month by 400,000 Belarusians. According to the Podlasie department of the border guard, 200 thousand people entered Poland through border crossings with Poland in July, and 214 thousand left.

According to Żalek, Bialystok and Hrodna have enough potential to count on the financial feasibility of the regional airport.

Żalek hopes that Warsaw will not leave Bialystok without support and will help financially with the construction of the airport, which will attract the Belarusians who now fly from Vilnius.

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