Polish football fans watch match from inside cage


The fans of the Krakow based football club Hutnik, which plays in the fourth division of Poland, watched the away match of the 18th round of the competition with Spartakus-Daleszyce (1: 0) in a cage. The match took place on March 10th.

The photo report appeared at stadionowioprawcy.net, the website of the Polish football fans.

According to an anonymous source, fans of Krakow Hutnik were placed in a cage for aggressive behavior.

The fans spent there a whole match. After the match, Hutnik’s players shook their hands through the bars.

Krakow’s “Hutnik” is the leader in the fourth division of Poland, while Spartakus-Daleszyce takes the last, 18th place.

And this is 2017. The same stadium and the same cage, but in it are fans of Orlenta fans from Radzyn Podlaski.

According to Polish rules, fans of the guest team must be kept in “cages”. Sometimes they really look like cages, and sometimes they are more like a high fence or an isolated sector of a stadium.

Photo – stadionowioprawcy.net

Belsat.eu, stadionowioprawcy.net

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