Policeman Vova’s supervisor commented on detention of cafe owner

Maksim Kandratsenka was harshly detained and kept for half an hour, because he “did not help the police to understand the situation”.

After Belsat published the story of the Mahiliou cafe owner illegal detention at the children’s party, police Colonel of Mahiliou regional executive committee Pavel Smirnou commented on the situation.

According to the officer, at 19:20 on June 22, the patrol that was on duty on the Lenin street, was approached by a 24-year-old man from Mahiliou, who lived in the street together with his wife and a 10-month old son.

The man complained to the police about the unknown young people who were loudly playing the guitar connected to the PA system in the area of one of the cafes in the pedestrian Lenin street and disturbing his young son and wife.

“Upon arrival, officers approached several guys and girls and made them a warning about the loud music, asking them about the reason for the musical event and collection of funds, which they held,” said the statement.

According to the colonel, when the police arrived, the children had long gone away. Smirnou said that instead of helping to understand the situation, Kandratsenka refused to provide information or show their employees his ID.

“Later the policemen escorted the young man in the police precinct for identification and further investigation of the situation. After identification, as well as due to the lack of other reasons [to detain him] he was released,” said Smirnou.

The colonel writes that “the information spread on the Internet that the conflict supposedly occurred in the presence of, or through the fault of the children participating in the art event does not correspond to reality”. However, Maksim Kandratsenka did not say so in an interview with reporters. The video of the incident called “After the children’s holiday” clearly shows that there are no children there.

Colonel Smirnou’s comment has no information about any punishment for his staff who had broken the law.

Палкоўніку Смірнову цяжка даюцца размовы з журналістамі, але сярод калегаў ён карыстаецца павагаю і любоўю.

Belsat got in touch with Pavel Smirnou. He listened carefully to the question of what is the police officers should expect – and hung up.

Denis Dziuba, belsat.eu

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