Police post-election brutality in Mahiliou

Artur was beaten by unknown police officers in the center of Mahiliou on August 11. A preliminary examination in the city emergency hospital revealed the following injuries: blunt abdominal injury, contusions to the chest, subcutaneous hematoma of the chest, a lot of abrasions on the back.

His back. The photo was sent by Artur.

The Investigative Committee contacted Artur about the beatings by police officers and ordered a forensic medical examination. Now the young man is at home: the bruises have changed their color, but they still hurt.

“On August 11th , from 6 to 7 pm I was in the center of Mahiliou near the Atrium shopping center. I was just sitting on the bench and didn’t do anything. People in black uniforms came up to me: masks, helmets, bulletproof vests, they demanded to come with them. There were police officers on the bus that they took me to. They started beating me up. About four policemen beat me in the stomach, back, head and sides. When I fell, they started kicking me. They took my mobile phone and demanded that I unlocked it,” Arthur recalls those terrible events. Those blows made the young man’s head and body hurt.

The photo was sent by Artur.

After the beating in a bus in the center of Mahiliou, the detainee was transferred to a paddy wagon and taken together with other detainees to the local police department. Together with Artur, 7 other detainees were taken there in the wagon.

“All of us were taken to the third floor. Along the corridors and stairs there were employees in black uniforms, gray uniform and plain clothes, all wearing masks. They also punched me in the head, torso and extremities with their hands and rubber sticks. On the third floor, I was taken to the gym, where there were other detainees. There, they put me on my knees and elbows, hands on my head, facing the floor. At the same time, the police continued to hit the back and sides of the detainees,” said Artur.

The photo was sent by Artur.

Artur was interrogated and then a protocol of administrative offense for participation in an unauthorized rally was filed. Artur said in the report that he did not agree with the prosecution and did not take part in any rally, but simply rested on the bench. Since Artur was feeling very bad, he was taken to the yard of the police department. There, the young man was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Already in the morning of August 12 Artur was discharged from the hospital and went home, where he stayed for two days.

The photo was sent by Artur.

On August 14, Artur told this story to the Investigative Committee, and on August 17 he underwent a forensic examination. The examination was carried out without using X-rays and ultra sound. The largest hematoma is 20 by 10 cm. The young man wrote an application for bodily injuries and expects the police to be prosecuted.

If you want to help and support Artur, please contact him via Telegram – @Kot_uchoni.

Volha Vasilyeva/Belsat.eu