Police place 2nd European Games sports village under 24/7 protection

Since June 11, the Sports Village where the athletes of the 2nd European Games will live, has been taken under round-the-clock protection, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

“Within 4 days, the sapper teams will inspect every room of the facility, starting with the basements and ending with the attics. The checked rooms will be sealed before the arrival of the guests. Access to the territory is provided via 4 checkpoints. At the moment, only accrediated service personnel, emergency services and cars that deliver food are allowed inside the zone. All people and vehicles are thoroughly inspected,” said Dzmitry Kaladzinsky, deputy head of the public security police of a Minsk police station.

The protective perimeter is 4 kilometers long. The territory is monitored by more than 70 video cameras, road safety measures are strengthened.

The athletes will be reside at ​​the student village on Dzyarzhynsky Avenue in Minsk.


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