Police checking if father and son hiding in Swedish embassy attacked officer

Vital and Uladzislau Kuznechyk had allegedly used non-lethals and force against police officers at the rally, writes TUT.by.

Vital and Uladzimir Kuznechyk. Photo courtesy of the Kuznechyks

The names of Vital and Uladzislau Kuznechyk became famous on September 11, when the men jumped over the fence of the Swedish embassy and asked for political asylum there. The men claim that they are being persecuted by the Belarusian authorities.

Volha Shkuratava, an official representative of the Vitsebsk Regional Internal Affairs Directorate, told TUT.by that an administrative case was initiated against the men for participating in unauthorized rallies, and that an attack on police officers was being investigated. The Ministry of Internal Affairs carefully analyzed the photo and video footage from the scene.

“The chain of events has been restored, which led to instances of the use of physical force and non-lethals against Vital Kuznechyk. The facts of attacks by father and son on police officers were established. The materials have been sent for verification to the Investigative Committee, ”noted Volha Shkuratava.

Vital and Uladzislau Kuznechyk took part in a protest rally in Vitsebsk. Then, to avoid being detained, they almost came to Minsk through forests and asked Sweden for political asylum. According to the men, the embassy staff provided them with everything they needed.