Police brutally clear anarchist camp near Brest


On April 20, a special police assault team stormed the dacha where anarchists had gathered. Participants of the anarchist camp were beaten and detained.

A total of 11 people were detained, wrote the activist of the anarchist movement Vyachaslau Kasinerau on Facebook on the evening of April 21.

According to the activist, the detainees were taken to the local police station, where “they continued to be beaten, abused and threatened.”

“Some were tortured, with their heads dipped into the toilet. However, no evidence or explanation was asked for. They only copied personal data,” wrote Kasinerau.

Later, 5 people were released.

“There were about 15-20 people, all of them wearing bulletproof vests and holding machine guns. They ran into the house. They forced everyone on the floor and handcuffed them. Everything was recorded on camera. They recorded names, last names and addresses. People on the floor were repeatedly beaten. Those who refused to speak were beaten harder. One guy was taken away somewhere, and when they returned with him, they said that now he will be put down, since they had plunged him into the toilet. And then they shoved us into a police car and took us to the Kobryn police station,” says Zmitser, an anarchist activist who was released.

According to the activist, at the police station everyone was stretched out and was called in for a “conversation” one by one. “Everyone was photographed, and for refusing to do so, they beat him and threatened to put him “on a bottle”,” the activist said.

The anarchist site “Revolutionary Action” also reported on the raid on the anarchist camp (in 2016, the Ministry of Information added this site to the list of extremist resources).

“Everyone was told to take a drug test. Those who did not refuse to do this, had the device showing a positive result, although none of them had ever used, ” the report says.

“These people do not even smoke cigarettes,” says Zmitser.

According to the “Revolutionary Action”, the drug tests were sent for revision.

Three more anarchists were later released from the remand prison without a protocol. Now there are three people in the temporary detention center.


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