Pole gets heavy sentence in Russia over ‘espionage’

On June 25, Moscow City Court found Polish citizen Marian Radzajewski guilty of espionage and sentenced him to 14 years in a maximum-security penal colony. The trial was held behind closed doors since the materials of the case were classified.

According to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), Radzajewski tried to start exporting ‘military goods that contain information constituting a state secret’ to Poland. The name of the game is components for S-300 missile systems. The suspect was detained in April 2018, when he allegedly tried to make a deal. The FSB has not disclosed its details.

Radzajewski acted ‘in the interests of a Polish company that is the national armed forces’ and security services’ supplier, the Russian side stated. The name of the company was not made public either.

The Polish citizen did not plead guilty, news agency Interfax reports citing an anonymous source. His defense lawyer Yuliya Sorina is going to appeal the verdict.

Marian Radzajewski was born in 1977. He worked for the company Autotrans in the Polish city of Bialystok. The man is a father of six kids.

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