Poland-made globes with ‘Russian’ Crimea in Belarusian stores

Zachem-Głowala, a Polish manufacturer, claims the globes were made at the order of Russian customers but assures it does not recognize ‘armed occupation and annexation of the sovereign territory of Ukraine’.

The globes showing Crimea as part of Russia are sold in the stores of the Belarusian city of Mahiliou, although Belarus never officially recognized the results of the referendum on Crimea’s accession to the Russian Federation.

“For many years we have been working with companies of the Russian Federation and we have never had any trouble. We made it a rule not to engage in any political issues in our cooperation, and by now everything has been ok. When Russia annexed Crimea, our customers informed us that the Russian government recognised Crimea as the territory of Russia and therefore, they should order globes with ‘Russian’ Crimea, according to the market’s demands. If we failed to agree they would have changed a supplier,” Krzysztof Głowala, the company’s director, told svaboda.org.

At the same time, the director assured that the fate of Ukraine is not indifferent for his firm: Zachem-Głowala cannot accept the annexation of the Crimea by Russia and respects the decision by Poland and the EU and do not recognise ‘the occupation and annexation of the sovereign territory of Ukraine – Crimea – by the Russian Federation’.

The company does not sell globes where Crimea is coloured in the same colour as Russia on the Polish market. The firm is set to remove its logo from the globes and place the explanation that they were made at the order and designed for the market of the Russian Federation.

Belsat.eu, following svaboda.org

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