Poland, Great Britain, Czechia: Lukashenka about ‘masterminds behind riots’

On Monday, Alyaksandr Lukashenka has made the first statement after the announcement of the preliminary official voting results.

On 10 August Lukashenka met with Sergei Lebedev, Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee, CIS Executive Secretary, Head of the CIS observer mission.

“I know the assessments of your mission and I will be very happy to hear your comments, suggestions that you had, if any, during the election campaign. But you saw that we wanted to give people a holiday, and they really responded”.

Crackdown on protesters in Minsk (Warning: shocking content)

Lukashenka noted that the election was held with a record turnout, people came to the polling stations with their families and children. In his opinion, after the announcement of the final results the turnout figures may be even higher.

“Frankly speaking, I’m touched when I see parents come with little kids. “You see, it’s a holiday. Somebody wanted to ruin this holiday. We saw them — they lit up even brighter that night. We recorded (you know, as a former intelligence officer) calls from abroad. There were calls from Poland, Great Britain and the Czech Republic. They controlled our, forgive my language, sheep: they don’t understand what they’re doing and they’re already being controlled”.

3,000 persons have been detained for participating in ‘unauthorised mass events’ in Belarus (a thousand – in Minsk); there are 50 injured, including 39 policemen, the Belarusian Interior Ministry says on Telegram.

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