PM Rumas: Belarus-EU agreement needs to be signed as soon as possible

Prime Minister Syarhei Rumas believes that the lack of a basic agreement between Belarus and the European Union is counterproductive for both parties.

“I would like to hear what needs to be done in order to conclude a basic agreement between Belarus and the EU as soon as possible, because such a legal vacuum between neighbors is, of course, counterproductive for both parties,” said PM Rumas on February 18 at a meeting with the European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources Gunther Oettinger.

The Prime Minister also touched upon the topic of visa simplification agreement with the EU, which, as the head of the EU Delegation in Minsk Andrea Wiktorin said earlier, is in the finishing phase. “There are many stages in the finishing phase, so I would like to know where we are in the finishing phase,” Rumas said.

As Mr Oettinger noted, the EU sees “a dynamic that can be continued in 2019-2020 and be used to implement joint projects for decisions in which there will be no losers”.

Лукашэнка пра адносіны з ЕЗ: «Праблемы не носяць хранічнага характару»

The basic agreement is a contract that defines the principles, priorities and frameworks of cooperation between the EU and Belarus, forms the legal basis of relations. The Belarusian authorities have been saying that the signing of this agreement is the nearest prospect since 2017., ТАSS

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