Pinskdreu furniture factory workers recorded video message calling for boycott


A video has appeared in social networks with masked men calling for boycott of the factory’s products, as they are “soaked in blood and tears”.

According to the authors of the appeal, “the workers were turned into slaves who work for pennies.”

“Taking advantage of the general unemployment and poverty prevailing in Belarus, we are forced to ruin our health every day in the conditions of harmful production and malfunctioning equipment. Those dissatisfied with the working conditions, are intimidated by dismissal. Our workers often become cripples, all instances of injury are carefully hidden,” claim people in the video.

According to the authors of the appeal, people at the enterprise regularly get killed (indeed, two people have been killed at Pinskdreu since the beginning of the year). At the end of the video, there is a call for everyone (primarily Russian citizens) to boycott the factory’s products.

The authors of the video said that the appeal was prepared long ago, but was not published earlier, because “we hoped that the Pinsk city council of deputies will include at least one worthy person” – Dzmitry Kudrenok. Kudranok who used to work at Pinskdreu and, according to the authors of the appeal, it was he who “built faith in ourselves and taught us to fight.” However, the elections were falsified, the authors claim.

Dzmitry Kudranok (born 1973) was indeed a candidate for deputies in local elections. As noted in his biography, he is a member of the Belarusian Left Party “Fair World”. He is currently working at the Klimovsk Pipe Plant (Podolsk, Russia).

According to the authors of the appeal, the boycott would hit the pockets of “slave owners” and force them to make concessions.

Pinskdreu HR responsible Mikalai Trushko told Nasha Niva that the video message was slander and promised to go to court. According to him, the video was recorded by Dzmitry Kudranok. is waiting for commentary from the general director of Pinskdreu Alyaksandr Sudnik and former candidate for deputy Dzmitry Kudranok.

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