Picture of Belarus’ gomophobic Interior Minister at gay parades in USA, Canada

A few days ago, a portrait of the Belarusian Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich appeared in the US city of Louisville.

It was taken by activist Vika Biran, upon whom the Belarusian police drew three protocols.

Vika Biran in Louisville, USA

On June 24, a makeshift head of Shunevich was spotted at the 38th gay parade in Toronto, Canada.

On May 24, protesting against the recent homophobic statement by the Interior Ministry, Vika Biran had three pictures taken in front of the ministerial building, the KGB headquarters and the House of Government. She was holding the poster ‘It Is You Who Are Fake’. All the buildings mentioned above are situated in different districts of Minsk, that is why she received summonses from three police departments.

As reported earlier, the Belarusian Ministry expressed resentment over the fact that the British Embassy in Minsk displayed a rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBT community, on May 17. British diplomats made such a move to draw public attention to LGBT people and the discrimination they face. The ministry’s controversial stance has not gone unnoticed by foreign media.

“We are for true-life things, and they [LGBT] shall not pass!” the official statement said. The top officials called same-sex marriages and affairs ‘fake’.

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