Petroff&Boshirov. Alleged Skripal poisoners may get own trademark

Two Russians who the UK suspects of poisoning the Skripals may soon be engaged in pushing ‘chemical agents’ and ‘perfumes’.

The Moscow-based Golden Brand company (Золотой Бренд) filed an application for registering a new trademark. According to the firm, Petroff&Boshirov may also serve as a clothing brand as well as that of security services, fitness clubs and bars.

The company that is trying to use the international scandal for the sake of self-promotion, has announced that the rights to the trademark will be given to the notorious duo as a gift to if they agree, the Echo Of Moscow radio reports.

In the interview with Russia Today, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov denied their having any relation to the Russian special services. They claimed they visited Salisbury to see the sights, including the local medieval cathedral. Their clumsy statements and ridiculous explanations have triggered a wave of jokes on the internet.

However, the Russian agents’ blunder does not necessarily mean the end of their career. For example, Andrey Lugovoi, a Russian spy supervising the assassination attempt on Alexander Litvinenko in 2007, became very popular in Russia although his involvement was unmasked. The officer, who was twice elected the State Duma deputy, have a reputation of an ardent patriot of Russia. As an MP, Lugovoi worked on draft laws introducing strict control of the Internet., following

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