‘Personal order’. Belsat TV crew barred from covering Putin’s motorheads press conference


Belsat TV contributors Ales Lyauchuk and Milana Kharytonova have not been let to the press conference of the Russian biker club Night Wolves.

The duo was barred from entering the Russian mission office in Brest and even from filming near the building.

The members of the club stated that the two reporters were not on the list of accredited journalists and bloggers.

1 May 2018. people who barred Belsat TV crew from working. photo bo Milana Kharytonava

Later, Andrey Bobrovsky, a coordinator of the Wolves, admitted that the order had been given by the club head and Vladimir Putin’s close friend Alexander Zaldostanov aka Khirurg (Surgeon).

“Two years ago, I reminded him that at the beginning of the Second World War the Soviet Union was an ally of Nazi Germany, and he called me a provocateur. When he appeared near the consulate today, he pointed the finger at me,” Lyauchuk said.

When Lyauchuk also referred to the Nazi-Soviet Pact signed in August 1939, Zaldostanov could not come up with any sensible answer and went berserk. He refused to answer other questions and pushed Ales Lyauchuk away saying ‘Bugger off!’

The club is taking part in the motor race ‘Victory Roads – To Berlin’ dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the victory over Nazis. It is the fourth time the notorious biker club Night Wolves will made an attempt to cross the Belarus-EU border in Brest. Earlier, they were repeatedly stopped by the Polish authorities.

The Wolves are vocal supporters of the intervention in Ukraine and co-organisers of Antimaidan in Russia.


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