Pensioner tries to set fire to gas station

Minsker is now in predetention center.

A man has been jailed in the Belarusian capital for attempt to damage a petrol station equipment.

Partyzanski district department of the Investigative Committee has launched a criminal case against 64-year-old citizen, suspected of damaging a fuel dispenser.

According to the official representative of the Investigative Committee in Minsk Alyaksei Klimovich, on 31 July the suspect entered the territory of the gas station, situated in Vaupshasava street in Minsk. He took the fuel-dispensing tap and pressed the knob for fuel to leak onto the asphalt. He then set it on fire. The man’s actions were noticed and stopped by the fuel station’s workers.

The man’s actions fall under Part 1 of Article 14, Part 2 of Article 218 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (attempt of deliberate destruction or damage of property). The suspect was taken into custody. His actions are being checked by experts.

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