Pazniak: No plans to return to Belarus. It is a provocation

On February 2,  Radio Racyja received an email allegedly from Zyanon Pazniak saying that “the situation in Belarus is getting out of Lukashenka’s control, so on March 25, he will begin the liberation of Belarus.”


“This is a provocation of special services, in particular Russian ones,” said Deputy Chairman of the CCP BPF Yury Belenki, calling the information about the return of Pazniak false. According to him, Pazniak is on a secret list of the Russian security services, that has the names of persons who are subject to destruction:

“Provocations against Paznyak have been made in various forms over the years. Based on the information received directly from the KGB, there was created a group led by Sheiman, a special unit, which was drafting a detailed plan to kill Pazniak. Russia is behind this, on the security services’ lists were: Chornovil, Gamsakhurdia, Politkovskaya, and so on. They have a list of people who must be destroyed. They were not able to destroy Zyanon Pazniak.”

Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Zyanon Pazniak confirmed the words of his deputy Yuri Belenky, who called the news of the return to Belarus to lead the new movement and overthrow Lukashenka, false.

“I do not plan to return to Belarus. This is a provocation. It’s the first time I hear about it. But I know that someone checks my mailbox. Sometimes I get spam from my own mail box. Therefore, all the time, someone is in charge of the email, they forge, send out nonsense. There were even bogus Web pages where someone put on my behalf some theoretical work – which is nonsense. Therefore, all this is a provocation. I have nothing to do with it.”

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