Pavel Latushka faces unpleasant choice

Belarusian special services have given Pavel Latushka a choice: either he leaves the country, or a criminal case will be instituted against him.

“You have heard the statements of the current head of state that there is a criminal case and I will be held liable. My return would mean possible detention, but I intend to return. I am not going to apply for political asylum either in Poland or Lithuania,” Pavel said in an interview with a Belsat correspondent.

Pavel Latushka, the former director of the Kupala Theater and a member of the Coordination Council, has been outside Belarus since September 2.

Former Minister of Culture of Belarus Pavel Latushka left the country on September 2. He then stressed that he has no plans to immigrate. Latushka explained that he was going to a meeting with the deputies of the Polish parliament, and later going to Vilnius.