‘Patriots’ back: Bollywood, give way to Soviet superheroes!


A trailer to the new Russian movie ‘Defenders’ appeared on the open Internet. The film’s character, superhero Khan armed with two crescent swords, kills Kazakhs who act as members of the Japanese yakuza.

According to the screenplay, during the Cold War the secret organization ‘Patriot’ created a squad of superheroes which included representatives of Soviet republics. For many years they had been hiding their abilities but now, ‘at the hard times for the country’ they stepped back into the ranks.


The screenwriters are known to have thought Arsus – a hero who is able to turn into a bear, the magician Ler and invisible Xenia.

It is assumed that the trailer was illegally published on web. It was allegedly stolen from the European Film Market at which presentation of new film products are organized for buyers – media holdings and TV channels. Its owners, however, have not blocked the video on Youtube yet.

Earlier the movie’s teaser designed in the spirit of steampunk was released.


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