Panama offshores – 98 Belarusians listed

They will not be prosecuted, because they did not violate the Belarusian laws.

The published database has 98 citizens of our country and 35 companies associated with Belarus. Among them there are a few names of rather big businessmen from the top 200 (or their namesakes), but the papers have no names of prominent politicians and officials.

In Ukraine, the list has 165 names, in Russia – 2,229.

Number of Chinese citizens in the database is the biggest with 8,995 people. There were found 4,536 Americans.

Belarusian law does not prohibit to have an offshore company, but there are serious limitations on dealing with such structures which are aimed at preventing of withdrawal of funds from the country.

With the help of offshore companies, business companies not only avoid taxes, but also get low, leaving the end beneficiaries in the dark.


At the project ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database site you can find information about more than 100 thousand offshore companies.

According to Columbia University professor James Henry, quoted by The Guardian,  $12 trillion were withdrawn from Russia, China and other developing economies through offshore.

The newspaper writes that it is a disease of Malaysia (1,784 citizens have offshore), Thailand (780), Indonesia (2,691).

On April 3, 2016, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published materials on the scale of worldwide offshore network. The publication was made possible by the leak of documents from the Panamanian offshore registrar company “Mossack Fonseca”.

The analysis of the documents involved hundreds of journalists from different countries, including employees of Sueddeutsche Zeitung, BBC, The Guardian and the Russian “Novaya Gazeta”.

For the first time the mastermind behind the “Panama Papers” about the offshore explained his motives on May 6th through the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, hiding under the name John Doe.

He explained, that he did not cooperate with any of the intelligence or security services. John Doe said he believes the current world order is unfair and that crimes are often committed via offshore companies used by the rich to become more rich at the expense of the less affluent.

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