Owners of scandalous ‘Chekist’ barbershop sue opposition activist Dashkevich

Zmitser Dashkevich has published a photo of the protocol on “Facebook”, according to which he will be tried.

The activist’s campaign where he and his associates went to the barbershop, which opened on Tsimiryazeva Street in Minsk, is called in the document “petty hooliganism”.

On January 9, Zmitser Dashkevich, Eduard Palchys, Stas Karpau and Alyaksandr Chabatarou visited the barber shop and advised the owners to change the name, which caused controversy in the society.

However, later it became known that the owners of the ‘Chekist’ (KGB officer) sued Dashkevich.

“In fact, we did not demand anything from the owners of the ‘Chekist’ hairdressing salon (this is a fictitious metaphor of journalists with a poetic gift), we just tried to give away posters on the shooting night on October 29-30, 1937, and offered our help in changing the name. Sasha Chabatarou promised to create a logo for free, Stas Karpau offered a free site, Eduard Palchys agreed to promote them in social networks, I did not offer it free of charge, but I offered to make furniture for them at prime cost — but there was no “demand” on our side” Zmitser Dashkevich wrote.

‘Chekist’ owner in talk with Belsat.eu

The activist noted that nothing changes much in the ways security officials act — same denunciations, falsifications, false verdicts can be seen now.

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