Over 30 injured in Siberia’s ammo depot blasts

The number of those injured in the munitions explosions at an ammo depot in Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk region, has grown to 33, the regional Health Ministry said on Monday.

“The total number of those injured in the munitions blasts on the territory of a military unit near the Kamenka village of the Achinsky district has reached 33,” news agency TASS quotes the ministry.

Currently, three people remain hospitalized in Achinsk and five others in Krasnoyarsk

On August 5, a fire started in a warehouse of the military unit stationed five kilometres from the village of Kamenka (Achinsk district), which triggered a wave of army munition explosions. At a rough guess, about 40,000 shells were stored at the depot. The soldiers were taken to a bomb shelter; the authorities evacuated nearly 4,000 local residents. 14 people were injured, one person was killed.

Although the fire was extinguished the following day, new explosions thundered at the ammo depot on August, 9.

Ammo depot fire in Krasnoyarsk region: Who is to blame?


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