Over 250 people march across Brest calling for Lukashenka to step down

Rally in Brest, May 3, 2020.
Photo: Milana Kharytonava/belsat.eu

The protest rally against the battery factory on Sunday, May 3, brought together about 250 participants, belsat.eu reported from the scene.

This figure came from the Brest human rights activist Raman Kisliak.

People gathered in the central square of the city later marching along the Savetskaya Street. The absolute majority were masked and tried to keep a safe distance. One of the topics that was actively discussed was the fact that activists Aliaksandr Kabanau and Dzmitry Andrasyuk, detained earlier for 15 days, had not appeared at the rally that day. Their comrades-in-arms were told in the temporary detention center that they “had left”.

As on last Sunday, the protesters chanted “Lukashenka, go away!”, “Put officials into prisons,” “Freedom to activists” and other slogans.

People came wearing masks and tried to keep their distance.
Photo: Milana Kharytonava / belsat.eu
A participant of the rally.
Photo: Milana Kharytonava/ belsat.eu.

According to our correspondents, the rally was accompanied by a lot of policemen in civilian clothes, who were filming the march.

Residents of Brest have been gathering on the main square of the city every Sunday for over 2 years to feed the pigeons in protest.
Photo: Milana Kharytonava/belsat.eu

The Chairman of the Movement For Freedom Yury Hubarevich, who participates in the opposition primaries campaign, has come to support the protesters.

Yury Hubarevich at a rally in Brest.
Photo: Milana Kharytonava/belsat.eu.
Photo: Milana Khariytonava/belsat.eu.

After the rally, law enforcers in plain clothes detained one of the protesters who was carrying the flag of Brest.

“We do not know the name of the detainee. His name is Andrei, he was leading the column with the flag. That’s probably why he was detained. Immediately, after the rally was over, four men in plain clothes approached him and detained him. But we do not know where the detainee is now, whether he was released or not,” the rights activist Raman Kisliak told Belsat.



Residents of Brest have been gathering on the main square of the city for over 2 years every Sunday to express their disagreement with the construction of the iPower battery plant — it is considered dangerous for the neighborhood and health. Despite the indignation of part of the local population, the plant received a green light from the state environmental agency. Gradually, the protest against the plant started looking like a political protest against the current government.