Over 16K Minskers receive ‘social parasite’ payslips

In Minsk, in March, 16,394 property owners and tenants received February pay slips for utilities. They are required to pay 100% of the water heating tariff, “Minsk-News” writes.

According to the Unified Settlement and Reference Center of Minsk, these payers are listed as citizens who are not involved in the economy. They will have to pay the full rate not only for February, but also, after a recalculation, for January. Thus, the 100 percent tariff will have to be paid for two months.

If the payer lives together with family members or other citizens registered in the dwelling, the higher rate service fee is charged only for their share.

In January, a total of 17,589 housing and utility payers were sent January stubs with a warning that they were previously classified as not involved in the economy. But 1,195 of the stub recipients were excluded from these lists by March 1.

From October 1, they will also pay a full tariff for the central heating and gas supply if they have individual gas heating boilers.


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